Similar to a team scavenger hunt, you can host a virtual treasure hunt using your intranet and award the top three participants with a small prize. At the start of your meeting, ask each employee to grab any item on their desk, but don’t explain why. If they ask, let them know they will find out soon.

It’s a very simple ice breaker and an easy way to get to know people better . If you want to make it more playful, turn this activity into a competition by giving people a set amount of time to find more obscure/unique items. Out of everyone who was able to find something in the given amount of time, participants can then vote on which object is the “best fit” for the category. Whichever option you choose, this is sure to be a fun one. With so many people working remotely, this is a fun and easy way to start conversation about where people are located and what their current work environment is like.

Virtual Movie Club

This type of icebreaker provides the interaction and the warmup that you seek for your participants. A great ice breaker for Zoom meetings is telling stories. You can create a team-building activity by building a collaborative story. The thing with virtual meetings is that we lack visual clues and have a sense of connection with others.

  • We’re going to give you lots of ideas for virtual ice breaker questions.
  • So, moving forward, it’s likely that these virtual icebreakers will serve you well over time.
  • You just need to ask everyone on the call to grab a piece of paper and a black marker.

Here is a list of short virtual ice breaker questions you can use as bonding activities in virtual meetings or conference calls. The list is organized into easy, medium and hard icebreakers and you should assign them to your team based on how well connected you already are. This list of engaging virtual ice breakers will have your team bonding and building a successful rapport. For even more ideas to connect you and your virtual team, check out our popular article about virtual team building activities. Fostering teamwork and connection during socially distant times can seem challenging, however it’s not impossible!

Creative Ice Breaker Questions

I had each team member anonymously write something they’ve done and felt guilty about during the week that they haven’t told anyone. Allow 10 minutes for creating and 10 minutes for sharing and discussing. At the very least, provide 2 sheets of paper and 1 pencil for everyone. But if you think your team will be into it, then go ahead and go crazy with colored icebreakers for virtual meetings pencils, paint, glue, dry noodles, and anything else you can stick on paper. Brightful works with all video conferencing software. (We doubt this will be a problem.) Send everyone a link to a personality quiz you think they would like. Since there are probably over a million quizzes circulating, we know there will be one to pique your interest.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

Have everyone come up with a movie pitch and have one person declare a winner for the best pitch. And while you’re at it, schedule a tour to experience first-hand how the boutique work environments at Bond Collective can benefit your business. It might not seem like it at first, but what your team can see in the background has a very real effect on their attention span, their engagement, and their enjoyment. If the participants have been there or done that, have them raise their hand. Then ask one or two individuals to tell the group about their experience. Give each participant the opportunity to share their choice and the reasoning behind it.

Creative Questions

Instruct all Zoom attendees to think of their dream vacation spot before the meeting and add a background that represents their virtual vacation selection. If you’re using Hive, you can easily enter a Zoom meeting with a group by using the “/zoom” command in all meetings. By taking your audience through a journey, you are combating virtual event fatigue. Virtual event fatigue is something that many people are dealing with momentarily. If you are looking for more ways to beat virtual event fatigue, then take a look at this article that I wrote. Here are 8 Eye-opening Ways to Combat Virtual Event Fatigue. Ask your audience if they have any pets and if they would like to show them on camera.

This is a great ice breaker game to begin meetings with. All you need to do is say a word and a member will say the first 5 things that pop into their head in a period of 10 seconds.

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Our goal in this blog is to prevent that from happening and give you a list of great icebreakers that will help you build team cohesion. After a successful virtual holiday party with The Offsite Co., we knew they had something special going on in designing and facilitating unique virtual events. ELIMINATE PRESSURE. If someone doesn’t want to participate, they shouldn’t have to. While it’s important to encourage people to participate, make it an inclusive environment by making sure to not to force people. If icebreakers make someone anxious, respect that and let them know that they’re still welcome to the event.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

It’s also a very low-risk icebreaker because no one is being asked to share personal information about themselves. Fortunately, there are lots of enjoyable and quick ways to break the ice at your next virtual meeting. Working remotely can sometimes cause the days to blur together. A daily just-for-fun TINYpulse survey can help break up the monotony and help your employees feel more connected.

Q: Where Can I Find Good Icebreaker Games For My Next Meeting?

Ask your employees to create a news headline of what your company will be doing in five years and publish them on your intranet. Creating a team movie featuring each of your employees is a great way to get your team connected. To get started, ask each of your employees to submit a short video. Once each employee has an item in their hand, explain that they are now going to try to sell it to the other members. They can set the price and have one minute to deliver a sales pitch and one minute to answer questions. Even if your group doesn’t work in sales, Sell it is a fun way to break the ice. Before your meeting or training, come up with 5 to 10 questions for your employees to answer.

  • Want to create your own office soundtrack or playlist?
  • During Mementos you ask people to retrieve items from their environment that answer the prompts you give them.
  • Thank you again for these great examples to the icebreaker collective.
  • Virtual team ice breakers can make introducing new recruits to the group far less uncomfortable.
  • Try to keep a good balance and use a variety of questions.
  • This can really add to the intimacy factor you’re your large team might be missing when working from home.

With different apps and websites, we now have a way to collectively care for virtual pets. Once you’re done, ask each employee to contribute to the video and use your team members’ individual contributions to create a team music video. You could use anything from Justin Bieber to “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Just make sure it’s catchy then give your employees a collaborative document to add and revise lyrics. At the end of the year, you use the responses to find common themes and create your own culture book. Leverage TINYpulse surveys to ask your employees to respond to daily prompts about your culture and values, and how the work your employees do every day align with each.

We know the basic things about them, but not the interesting ones. Your teams aren’t gonna be even, but with virtual events that doesn’t tend to matter. You’re not tossing a ball to each other or doing trust falls here. Depending on how much time you want to spend determines how big of groups you want, but we’ve done this activity with up to 35 people. It’s also very easy to break people into groups if you aren’t planning on spending minutes doing an ice breaker. This quick ice breaker also works with hybrid events when you have online and in-person attendees.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

Instead, come up with a handful of fun and kind of silly awards for your team. You can have your employees vote on each award or decide who gets them yourself. Just make sure every one’s a winner and the awards are fun — and nothing is hurtful. Providing an artistic outlet can help relieve stress and give your employees a unique way to connect with each other. By scheduling employees to care for a virtual pet, you can increase engagement and help employees relate to each other better. While we can’t literally share a pet with our employees, we can share a virtual pet.

These pictures will give you a quick peek into where and how people work by helping you see their life in real time. Ask everyone to share a picture of something based on a theme. It could be their desk setup, the view from their office, or even what shoes they are wearing. Team building has been shown to help employees develop better relationships and increase engagement.

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The person who gets the most employees to purchase their product wins. When each team is finished filling out their story, have them return to the main group and each team can share their creation. Before your meeting, find the story you want to use.

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Name That Emoji Tune is one of our favorite virtual icebreakers of all time. As with the other virtual icebreakers, be sure to schedule in some time to allow each person to explain why they made the choice. This is a great option for teams with a lot of members to still work together without being overwhelmed by a large number of people on a call. Feel free to add in fun prizes for the teams who come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Trivia questions can range from a variety of topics, from broad subjects like company history or niche options likeThe Officetrivia. HQis an online trivia game individuals can play simultaneously through an app.